Google to Replace Duo with Meet?

Google Duo Google Meet

If we know Google for having the ability for anything – it is for having multiple services that do pretty much the same thing. The search-engine giant is also known for killing off popular services that happen to be just a few years old. And now, rumor has it that Google might just be about to do both these two things simultaneously as the company might indeed give the ax to Google Duo and bring in Google Meet instead.

As of now, Google Duo represents Google’s flagship take on a consumer-centric video chat app. Indeed think of Duo as the company’s answer to Apple’s FaceTime. On the other hand though, it seems as Meet would actually be more focused with regards to the business sector – and so, we can indeed say that it is Google’s answer to Zoom.

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As far as the case for axing Duo goes, it is said that Google’s new head of communication services in Javier Soltero doesn’t actually see the need of reason for both the services existing in a simultaneous manner. And so exists the thought of actually axing Duo and going forward and all-in on Meet instead.

The coronavirus pandemic has been the example for the consideration that consumers are fine with an enterprise product for the sake of consumer activities. Indeed of course, the prime example of such comes in the form of the meteoric rise that zoom has witnessed. In more simpler terms : people have absolutely no problem using Zoom for the sake of chatting with friends and family along with of course conducting business. Due to the fact that this is perhaps the primary reason so as to why Meet and Duo are actually separate services – Google, and rightfully so, feels that both Meet can do what duo can just as fine – if not better.


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