The mesh router that Google unveiled first in the last October, Google WiFi,  is now reachable in Canadians markets. It costs individually  $179 CDN,  and a pack of three routers is for $439 CDN, pretty close to US prices. Mesh new of WiFi solution means that it can pair with another unit too,  to extend coverage throughout a house and for this purpose you would not have to sacrifice signal strength. Connections hand off from one device to another in such a smooth way that you cannot be able to notice the change even when you are on VOIP call.

This router provides strong coverage. The interesting thing for its users who don’t need much-improved coverage is that it also comes with a companion mobile app. This app makes it easy to manage tasks that are not user-friendly .you can do things like prioritizing certain devices when enough bandwidth is not available to go around,  and see the connected devices, for specific devices,  toggle and schedule access along with designating others as network managers and more.

These puck-like cylinders are designed so cute that it will not cause any harm to your home decoration if you place them around your house rather than hidden anywhere. This is meant by Google’s industrial design. To hide away the router is one odd step you will take if you are hoping good doing that, it will not provide you consistency and far-ranging WiFi coverage.

You may have used the offer dual-band with other home networking devices. With Google Wifi you do not have to pick one band among two separate networks. You will never have to think that what the thing is you are connecting your devices, but you will always get best possible speeds available given network. Using Google’s own predictive machine learning algorithms means that they can anticipate upcoming busy times on certain bands to avoid any problem adjust the connections in anticipation.

If not UX and network quality reason, Canadians should take notice to search for another reason in the launch of WiFi. From hardware to software towards companion app, every aspect of the technology was worked on to a significant degree by Google’s engineering team in Waterloo.

At the Google Store, you can purchase it online, at Best Buy Canada, Walmart Canada and Staples Canada and other more stores.


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