In a world where we rely on our smartphones for just about everything, encountering a storage glitch can be a nightmare. Google’s latest operating system, Android 14, has been facing a significant storage issue that has left users locked out of their devices. This glitch has drawn comparisons to ransomware, as it denies users access to their device storage. While it’s reassuring that this issue seems to be confined to Pixel devices, it’s still a cause for concern for those affected.

The Scope of the Problem

Initially, it was believed that this bug was specific to the Pixel 6. However, it has become evident that it affects a broader spectrum of devices in the process of upgrading to Android 14. This includes the Pixel 6, 6a, 7, 7a, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet. Despite more than 350 replies on the Google issue tracker, there has been no response from Google. The bug has been assigned a medium priority level of “P2” and remains unassigned, indicating that there is no active investigation underway.

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Troubling Error Messages

Individuals who have come across this storage bug have shared log files containing troubling error messages. These messages include phrases such as “Failed to open directory /data/media/0: Structure needs cleaning.” This issue leads to a range of problematic scenarios, with some users encountering boot loops, others finding themselves stuck on a perpetual “Pixel is starting…” message, and some unable to capture screenshots or access their camera app due to the storage deficiency.

Moreover, users are unable to browse files on their devices via USB from a PC, and both the System UI and Settings components repeatedly crash. In essence, the device becomes virtually unusable in the absence of sufficient storage.

The Source of the Issue

This issue appears to stem from Android’s user-profile system, which is designed to accommodate multiple users and segregate work and personal profiles. Users have reported that the primary profile, often the most crucial one, becomes inaccessible.

What You Can Do

If you happen to have a Pixel phone, we recommend avoiding the Android 14 update for now. Since Google is not even investigating the issue at the moment, it is likely going to take a while before it is fixed.


In the ever-evolving world of technology, issues like the Android 14 storage glitch can be frustrating. While Google has not yet addressed the problem, it’s important for Pixel users to be cautious and patient. The company will likely release a fix in the future, but until then, avoiding the Android 14 update is the safest course of action.


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