Google introduced its news feed just like Facebook news but there are no annoying “friends.” Despite looking at what odd things other people are interested in, Now Google shows me the weird things I’m interested in, like cricket news and Zac Efron.

This is a primary change in content utilization from curation based on our open choices to curation based on our understood preferences mined from history and past behavior. It could open our niche charms without us ever having to guarantee commitment to them.

 Google formally launched “feed” in its main iOS and Android apps. At last, technology has advanced to convey us personalized news devoid of any social graph or individually behavior quiz. As an alternative, Google combines the large amount important news stories of the day with ones concerning topics you’ve beforehand searched. That last element will hit some as a creepy embezzlement of sensitive data. But once people start scrolling, they may find those recycled insights pretty enjoyable.

A smart way out to the trouble that killed Google Plus

You don’t friend anybody, so there’s not any of the filter-bubble ecosphere trouble of Facebook. You don’t follow publishers by yourself, so you don’t have to place flags at an exacting end of the political spectrum just like on Twitter. And above all, you don’t “Like” content, so there’s no stress to support something out of guiltiness, shame or social obligation.


The Google feed looks at what’s well-liked and famous around your town and the world, tying you nearer to your community. Notorious news themes demonstrate a sliding carousel of different sources to broaden your point of view. And Google recognizes that your interests polish and wane over time, so if you discontinue searching for something the algorithm allows that subject to waste away in your feed.

Google purposefully built a ghost town

The Google feed’s Supreme fault is being deficient in depth. Facebook boasts that it selected just the top 200 stories from about 3, 5000 it could show you every day. That’s in part since it’s had years to study what you like. Only after some straight down swipes, Google has a hard time associating your searches with recent news, and the feed’s significance starts to fall.

In nutshell, this feed is a mastermind solution to the trouble that killed Google Plus: No friends. Rather than generate a copycat feed that depended on them and cut down short in their absence, Google persistently built a ghost town that treats their oversight as a characteristic, not a virus or error.

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