Many have come up with the solution of sideloading apps on Huawei smartphones that have been restricted with regards to the usage of apps from the Google Play Store. However, if you are in the process of sideloading apps or indeed plan on to do so – you might have to think twice. In respect to a recent post from Google, the search engine giant has warned users against the practice, with the company declaring that such Google apps “will not work reliably” and are “not available to preload or sideload on new Huawei devices.” Such a process of sideloading features with the potential of tampering – something which has serious security and privacy implications.

Whether or not the second quote is with respect to upcoming Huawei devices like the upcoming P40 series is unclear as of now. The Chinese manufacturer has already stated that the phones in question will not actually come with Google services, as the company will instead rely on its alternative HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) in order to get through the process.

Phones that featured with HMS that were launched in Huawei’s home country of China came with a wide range of apps that proved to be alternatives to popular apps that Google commends. Such proceedings meant that users of such devices would not be forced to turn towards sideloading apps.

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The timing of the post is also quite interesting when you consider the fact that HMS is set to make its global debut this coming Monday. Huawei is indeed desperate for an alternative to make its way – as the allegations that pose from the US government have been ramping up in the recent weeks.

As of now, the Chinese manufacturer has continued its work with US companies – this though at a very limited scale. The building pressure that ensues within has also put further license extensions into question.


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