Government approves 3 National Centers for Cyber Security , Big Data & Cloud Computing in 3 different universities. Finally the Planning Commission of Pakistan has taken a great step in order to improve the IT sector as recently it approved the establishment of National Centers for Cyber Security, Big Data & Cloud Computing, and Robotics & Automation.

The approval for setting up National Centers in high-tech technology domains was delayed for some time. However, the Planning Commission of Pakistan in a meet of Central Development Working Party has finally given the official approval for establishing three National Centers of Cyber Security, Big Data, and Cloud Computing, and Robotics and Automation.

The decision of establishing these centers have confirmed by Athar Osama, the ICT member at the Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan.

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The government will set up these three National Centers at the different famous universities in Pakistan. First of all, the National Center of Cyber Security will be established at Air University. Secondly, the National Center of Big Data and Cloud Computing will be set up at LUMS. The third and final National Center of Robotics and Automation will be established at the NUST College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Rawalpindi.

According to the report, these 3 centers along with the formerly well-designed National Center of Artificial Intelligence will connect more than 200 proficient faculty members along with the numerous other professionals and students.

The goal behind establishing these centers is to develop and carry out wide-ranging researchers in these advanced fields and to facilitate Pakistan make a prominent position in these domains.

The scheme of establishment of National Centers in the highly developed technology fields is a part of the Ministry of Planning and Development’s vision of 2025.

The Federal Minister of Planning, Development & Reforms, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal, has already inaugurated the National Center for Artificial Intelligence at NUST (National University of Science and Technology) Islamabad.


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