Government may take over the online taxi services Uber & Careem

Government may take over the online taxi services Uber & Careem
Government may take over the online taxi services Uber & Careem

The citizens of Pakistan saw a huge improvement in terms of their lifestyle with the launch of the services that Uber and Careem have provided over the years to the millions of citizens. They in turn provided, comfortable yet affordable transport services to the masses especially in the major cities of Pakistan.

But despite being such an efficient and comfortable prospect for the many customers they have always been dragged into controversies on multiple occasions. Since the launch of their services, they have always been part of a negative discussion, due to the fact the unreasonable allegations have found a way to ruin their system furthermore they have been dragged in too many uncomfortable situations for all the wrong reasons. The transport authorities of Punjab and Sindh, which act under the Governance of Pakistan have on many occasions repeatedly threatened them of cancelling their services. Moreover these so-called “transport services” want such companies to follow the regulations and to get themselves notable route permits!

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Last month these companies were subject to action taken up by the government of Sindh when the transport minister of Sindh ordered Careem and Uber to obtain necessary route permits within one week in order for them to continue their services in parts of Sindh or come next week their servicing license is to be cancelled. Moreover Uber and Careem did not let its consumers down and somehow managed to close down the situation with maturity. As of today, two Provincial Assembly members of the Punjab parliament have come out calling for the government to bring the two companies under the control of the government and with all due respect, we have seen in the past how the government enterprises have done! Let me tell you it is not something to be proud of.

Moreover, the two MPA’s in discussion hail from the Pakistan People’s Party and are namely Mr Makhdoom Usman and Raees Nabeel who jointly submitted the motion in the assembly. Moving on the motion states “The citizen complaints regarding Careem and Uber are increasing on a daily basis. The app-based service’s treatment towards its customers is not at all appropriate and the drivers and vehicle owners registered with the companies are not getting their rights”.

Finally, the motion ended on a note which was calling the government of Pakistan to take control over the services provided by these companies and that these companies should, therefore, be run under the supervision of the government so that the people may get better transportation services and notably the unemployed to get more job opportunities. How the Government is to react to this motion is still to be decided, till then lets just hope, whatever happens, in the end, it is the people of Pakistan who benefit not the government of Pakistan.



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