It has been revealed that the, Federal government of Pakistan are looking to eliminate the Ordinary Level (O-Level) and Advanced Level (A-Level) education in the schools of Pakistan and are looking to make matriculation the only system for Education. The decision is to be taken by the current government,  the  Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) who have the vision to implement a uniform curriculum all over the country. Hence, the Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood made these remarks while briefing a National Assembly’s Standing Committee on education.

He stated that the said plan was not under consideration for instant implementation as, at present, there were many other more important issues that need to be resolved. He states“As current education system has many other flaws, those direly needed to be mended due to which said the plan would be practiced on next level, but it will be done ultimately,” he added.The minister further discussed that there are currently three education systems in the country’s education total system,  which are, public sector institutions, in elite private schools and madrassas, respectively,  All three mediums are totally different from one other, so uniformity is still a little ways down the road.

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He furtheradded that a technical committee is currentlylooking for a solution to this matter, which, after consultation with each and every stakeholder, will create a on point policy in this regard.Shafqat Mahmoodfurther informed the legislators that the ministry was working on a compatible curriculum that will soon be introduced.The minister said, that as it stands there are 24 million children whodo have not been enrolled in schoolsand the government is entirely focused on bringing all of them to schools.


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