The Government of Pakistan have decided to establish a Science and Technology park in the city of Islamabad, Pakistan to in turn provide modern day facilities to the students studying in our country for scientific research. Moreover, an official from the Ministry of Science and Technology came out and revealed that the federal government has allocated an initial fund worth Rs 50 Million to kick start the development of this project.

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The official further mentioned that the park will be established in collaboration with the comsats University and that the feasibility report regarding the project is currently being developed by a well known company. Furthermore, the COMSATS rector, Dr. RaheelQamar also confirmed that such a project is underway. He added that the purpose of establishing a park such as this is to promote the scientific research departments in Pakistan by providing them with state of the art facilities.

Government of Pakistan has allocated a sum of Rs. 50 Million for the construction of a Science and Technology Park in Islamabad

Dr. Qamar further added that the science and technology park would enable these students to use the state of the art facilities and these facilities will in turn help them in there respectable scientific research which will one day benefit the country. He further mentioned that the decision has been taken to start this initiative and development on the project will start as soon as the feasibility report is prepared by the relative company incharge. It should also be noted that back in the year of 2017,Nust had also started work on the National Science and Technology Park in Islamabad, they did this in collaboration with the Higher Education Commision (HEC). The project was reported to be completed by 2020, but the change in government has resulted in the project’s work becoming slow.


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