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Government Reduces Restriction on Bollywood films to one week

Government Reduces Restriction on Bollywood films to one week. The earlier reported decision of Pakistani government to for two week ban on the screening of Bollywood films on Eid has been revised and the restriction has been reduced to one week.

According to the initial decision, taken as a means to promote the local film industry, cinemas in Pakistan were restricted from screening Indian movies two days before and two weeks after the Eid days.

According to a statement made by Danyal Gilani, Chairman, Central Board of Film Censors, in a communication on behalf of the Ministry of Information Broadcasting, National History & Literary Heritage, the decision to restrict screening of Indian movies in Pakistan was made keeping the importance of local film industry and exhibition facilities in view.

All the importers/distributors of foreign films were requested to restrain from exhibition/screening for Indian films in cinema houses all over the country during for the above mentioned period.

Gilani urged the Punjab Board of Film Censors, Lahore, & Sindh Board of Film Censors, Karachi, to ensure the implementation of the decision that has been changed now.

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Though with the decision changed now, a large viewership is expected to go for the Indian movies in Pakistan this Eid,  delayed release can impact the business of Indian films.

Pakistan theatres are expected to remain busy with at least four home-grown films on the Eid weekend — Mahira Khan’s “7 Din Mohabbat In”, Jawed Sheikh’s “Wajood” (featuring Indian actress Aditi Singh), and action thriller war film “Azaadi” as well as romantic comedy “Na Band Na Baraati”.

Pakistan’s Film and Broadcasting Policy 2018 was unveiled by State Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb in Islamabad this Wednesday. Is not it a celebratory moment for the local industry considering the government’s concerted efforts towards building Pakistan’s Film and Broadcasting Policy 2018?

A Film Finance Fund got established to extend financial assistance to young film producers, while the establishment of Film Academy and revival of Film Directorate as well as Film Lab were also included in the new cultural policy.

 According to Marriyum, import duty on film machinery had been reduced and with film censor fee abolished, a digital film archive would be introduced to rate Pakistani films on the box office.

2 years back in 2016, Pakistan had restricted Indian movies altogether, but lifted the ban later.

Saba Imran
Saba Imran
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