The National Computer Emergency Response Team (NCERT) has issued a Cyber Security Advisory alerting the public about critical vulnerabilities identified in Microsoft products.

The advisory stresses the urgent need for users and administrators to update their devices and applications with the latest patches released by Microsoft.

According to the advisory, Microsoft has fixed a total of 61 vulnerabilities, including two critical flaws that are currently being exploited by malicious actors. These critical vulnerabilities are identified as CVE-2024-21334, relating to the Microsoft Open Management Infrastructure Remote Code Execution Vulnerability, and CVE-2024-21400, addressing the Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Privilege Escalation Vulnerability.

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Exploiting these vulnerabilities poses significant risks to system security and data integrity. Attackers could potentially execute arbitrary code remotely or escalate privileges within Azure Kubernetes environments, leading to unauthorized access and potential compromise of sensitive information.

In response to the severity of these vulnerabilities, the NCERT has urged administrators and users of all Microsoft products to take immediate action by applying the necessary patches provided by Microsoft. Failure to do so could leave systems and networks vulnerable to exploitation by cybercriminals.

Furthermore, the NCERT has proactively disseminated this advisory to Federal Ministries and all provincial governments, emphasizing the importance of sharing this critical information with all relevant stakeholders within their respective organizations. It is crucial for all departments and affiliated entities to prioritize the implementation of protective measures outlined in the advisory to mitigate the risk of exploitation.


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