Looking back, the Hajj used to be prohibitively expensive for the general public. The previous government had raised the Hajj cost by nearly 100%. A historic announcement, by the Caretaker Religious Affairs Minister, Aneeq Ahmed, has disclosed the revised cost for the upcoming Hajj in 2024. The caretaker cabinet granted approval to the Hajj Policy 2024, which marked a significant decrease in the government quota price to Rs. 1.075 million. This marks a noteworthy contrast from the Rs. 11.75 million cost for Hajj 2023 under the government scheme. Ahmed emphasized that this reduction is unprecedented in the nation’s history, making next year’s Hajj more affordable than its predecessor. He emphasized that the unprecedented reduction in the Hajj cost for 2024 will bring relief to the ordinary Pakistanis.

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The Hajj Policy for 2024 includes various innovations and adjustments.

Minister Ameen Ahmed provided an overview of the Hajj Policy 2024, which was approved by the caretaker cabinet. The policy includes various changes, such as returning unused slots to the Saudi Arabian government and implementing a comprehensive financial monitoring system for Hajj organizers.

Federal Cabinet Greenlights Adjustments in Hajj Quotas and Policies

The Federal Cabinet has approved various amendments, including a reduction in the Hardship Category quota and the reservation of 50% of the local assistants’ quota for Pakistani students in Saudi Arabian universities, following the approval of the Hajj Policy 2024. The objective of these changes is to improve welfare services and streamline the pilgrimage experience for all participants.


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