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Government’s Focus on Improving Airports and Railway Stations to Meet International Standards

The Federal Minister for Railways and Aviation, Khawaja Saad Rafique, has expressed the government’s determination to enhance major airports and railway stations to meet international standards. The primary goal is to ensure passengers’ comfort and satisfaction by providing modern facilities.

Government’s Vision for Improved Airports To achieve the desired level of passenger convenience, the government aims to increase the range of amenities offered at airports and railway stations. This strategic move not only focuses on enhancing the travel experience but also generates additional revenue for the department, ultimately working towards self-sufficiency.

Strengthening Security Checks Recognizing the importance of passenger safety, the government plans to reinforce security checks at railway stations. This step demonstrates the government’s commitment to improving the performance of airport authorities and services provided by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), guaranteeing maximum facilities for passengers.

Three-Year Contract with New York City Government An exciting development in the aviation sector includes a three-year contract signed between the government and the New York City government. This agreement allows for the operation of the Roosevelt Hotel, which is owned by PIA and situated in New York, USA. This collaboration opens doors to increased opportunities and strengthens the global presence of Pakistan’s aviation industry.

Outsourcing of International Airports The government intends to outsource the operations of three major international airports in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. It is important to note that outsourcing does not equate to privatization. The decision to entrust this task to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank, a reputable organization with extensive experience, stems from the lack of local companies possessing the necessary expertise. This strategic move aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of airport operations.

Airport Upgrades and the Construction of Gwadar International Airport The government has already initiated several airport upgrade projects to enhance the infrastructure and services. Notably, the construction of the Gwadar International Airport is well underway and is expected to be operational in the near future. This development plays a crucial role in promoting regional connectivity and facilitating economic growth.

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Direct Flights from Quetta Airport to Makkah for Hajj Pilgrims In response to the needs of Hajj pilgrims, the government has introduced direct flights from Quetta airport to Makkah. This initiative offers a convenient travel option, reducing the hassle and providing a seamless experience for pilgrims embarking on their spiritual journey.

Collaboration for Railway Safety Recognizing the importance of railway safety, the government is taking practical steps in collaboration with provincial governments to upgrade unmanned and vulnerable railway level crossings. These measures aim to improve the safety standards of the railway system, preventing accidents and ensuring the well-being of passengers.

Preventing Accidents and Enhancing Railway System Safety By upgrading railway level crossings and implementing robust safety measures, the government aims to prevent accidents and promote a secure railway system. These initiatives emphasize the government’s commitment to improving the overall safety standards and efficiency of the railway network.

In conclusion, the government’s dedication to improving airports and railway stations to meet international standards is evident. Through the provision of modern facilities, strengthened security measures, strategic collaborations, and upgrades in infrastructure, the government aims to enhance passenger comfort, satisfaction, and safety. These initiatives propel Pakistan’s aviation and railway sectors towards a prosperous future, fostering regional connectivity and contributing to the overall growth of the nation.


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