Govt puts focus on digital revolution

govt puts focus on digital revolution

The Minister of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Ahsan Iqbal has affirmed that the development of the information technology is the main goal of the government.

At a press conference that took place on the Tuesday of this week, minister stated that digital revolution would provide equal opportunities to all and, as such the government was focusing particular attention to the industry to reap the most rewards.

Iqbal stated that Pakistan had made huge advancements within the IT sector because of the better intervention of policy makers. “It the government of Pakistan that made the decision to privatize the telecom sector and brought about a revolution in the sector and resulted in the creation of many jobs” Iqbal said.

Similar to that, “we also issued licences for 4G and 3G spectrums that were inactive for more than the past eighteen years.”

The minister also said that the PML-N government also gave 1 million laptops to youngsters. As a result, Pakistan became the third-largest nation for e-lancing in the world.

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Similar to that, fiber optic cable was installed across Pakistan as part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and in 2017-18, the government introduced its Digital Pakistan policy. But due to political instability and political instability, the program was halted according to the official.

The planning minister stated that when he resigned from the ministry in the year 2018, the total budget allocation of the federal government was around Rs1,000 billion. However when he took over the ministry by 2022 the budget decreased to just Rs550 billion.

Due to fiscal limitations Minister said that due to fiscal constraints, the budget for this fiscal year was estimated at Rs700 billion even though the need for ongoing projects was more than Rs2 billion.

“A country that is not in political stability, and where the ministers, including the prime minister, have to face court proceedings every day, is not able to advance and progress,” he pointed out.

Additionally, he added, the level of corruption both in India as well as Bangladesh was higher than in Pakistan. However, they were moving in a quicker pace due to stability in politics and policy stability.


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