The Federal Minister for Law and Justice, Dr. Farogh Naseem, met with Prime Minister Imran Khan to talk about the proposition for the declaration of the statute in regards to family and property. The statute likewise endorses the privileges of guardians in regards to their ousting of or by youngsters and their companions and the insurance of the privileges of guardians living with their kids. 

Dr. Naseem educated the head that the proposed statute will zero in on three central matters: 

Kids who own homes should be denied from ousting their folks. 

In the event that guardians own a house, they ought to reserve an option to expel their defiant kids and their life partners through a basic technique that incorporates police intercession. 

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In the event that a house has been built utilizing guardians’ or grandparents’ assets yet has been enrolled in the names of the proprietors’ youngsters, arrangements should be made for the guardians for the length of their life. 

Dr. Farogh Naseem added that the law is significant and its proclamation will procure the supplications of guardians for the chief, the Minister of Law, and the whole bureau. 

The Prime Minister affirmed the proposition and guided the law clergyman to set up the draft at the most punctual.


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