The PTI Govt looks set to reform the educational system completely that would involve the huge task of replacing o and a level education system with a more cohesive education platform which would allow all the students in the country to follow the same pattern of studies rather than the current three types : public, private and madrassas.

Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood made these remarks while briefing a National Assembly’s Standing Committee on education.

He said the plan was not under consideration for immediate implementation as, at present, there were many other more important issues that need to be resolved. “As current education system has many other flaws, those direly needed to be mended due to which said the plan would be practiced on next level, but it will be done ultimately,” he added.

Mr. Mahmood informed the Legislators that the ministry was working on a compatible curriculum that will soon be introduced.


The minister said, currently, 24 million children were out of schools and the government was entirely focused on bringing all of them to schools.

“It is a gigantic task, but we’re determined to do it,” he maintained.

This task, if implemented, would be one of the most controversial decisions made in the history of Pakistan regarding the education system. It would involve a massive amount of work and bringing all the schools to coordinate with their system is a whole different ball game. Currently, the progress rate of students from private schools is higher than that of public schools so it remains to be seen how would the elimination if such a successful system would result in if it was to be replaced with a different one.


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