Over the course of the past couple of weeks, various reports have been flowing in which have actually been claiming that Rockstar Games is actually working on a remaster for its original trilogy of the Grand Theft Auto games. And now, the title for the remastered trilogy has also been spotted – and has been done so in South Korea’s games rating board – all of which basically goes on to confirm that this is indeed in the works.

Indeed the Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: The definitive version was subject to being spotted in the South Korean rating board. While it has to be said that the remasters have in fact been rumored for quite the while now, and the listing has indeed gone on to confirm it. The trilogy goes on to include the likes of the GTA 3, GTA : Vice City, GTA : San Andreas. It has also actually been reported that the launch was actually expected to be a bit earlier than now, but was unfortunately delayed due to some internal issues which aren’t exactly known.

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In the midst of all this, it is also rather important then to consider the fact that the old games were in fact remastered via the aid of Unreal Empire and would therefore feature with a mix of old as well as new graphical styles along with the aid of an updated UI and also other tweaks so as to bring the new games more in line with the current iteration of GTA. As things stand right now, the trilogy’s Definitive Edition is indeed expected to launch sometime around next year, however, unfortunately enough, right now, we have no idea as to how to confirm the actual launch date currently. So all we can do right now is to wait for more information to follow through so stay tuned for more updates. 


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