A special meeting for Punjab’s vehicle area under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister of Punjab, Sardar Usman Buzdar, was supposedly held yesterday, in which he officially affirmed the proposed plan for the running of Green Electric Bus across Lahore. 

The meeting was gone to by the Provincial Minister for Transport, Jahanzeb Kachchi; the Secretary Transport; transport experts; and other concerned officials who were coordinated by Buzdar to make the fundamental strides for the practical execution of the venture. 

Buzdar likewise officially affirmed the arrangement to enlist Transport Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors, and Sergeants in Punjab to guarantee the correct check and equilibrium of Punjab’s vehicle area. 

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Talking about the venture, Buzdar added that the transports will run on six courses which will on the whole be 103 kilometers in length. He added that the Lahore Transport Company will be changed into the Punjab Transport Company and that the transports will be practical in different urban communities under a public-private association. 

Buzdar commented that the reason for this cutting edge office will be to help individuals and that this activity will extraordinarily lessen Lahore’s contamination and brown haze. 

He added that electric transports(Green Electric Bus) will likewise be presented in Faisalabad and different divisions, and that the office will run without precedent for Koh-e-Sulayman. 

Buzdar allegedly likewise guided the participants to improve the cleaning courses of action at the Orange Line Metro Train course stations and of its trains, and focused on that there would be no trade off on it.


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