Greentech is widely regarded to be the backbone for the distribution for Samsung mobile phone in Pakistan, however, whether it will get the nod from Nokia to become the mobile phone distributor, is an improbable case. With the arrival of May, Nokia is planning to unveil some very good and exciting smartphones for the Pakistani market.

The success of any brand, especially in Pakistan is based upon the quality of the distributor because it is this distributor that ensures every possible and important detail is covered. There has been no shortage of speculation on which distributor Nokia will eventually end up with, and these include the likes of Advance telecom, Greentech, Muller, and photos, however, aside from the speculation, it is important to note that the company itself has stressed upon the fact that it wants to rely on a single distributor, a single partner mostly. And this was further proved when Muhammad Kamran, Nokia’s country head for Pakistan and Afghanistan stated that working with multiple mobile phone distributors can be a bit of a hassle, taking into consideration the price competition in the market, that takes away the focus from improving the services offered to users, which invariably, ends up hurting the customers.

Advance Telecom might well and be the one distributor that Nokia eventually ends up with, and you can tell that Advance Telecom really wants to be the distributor of Nokia by the fact that it quit its partnerships with Huawei, just to show loyalty to Nokia, and gain favour for becoming Nokia’s sole distributor in the country.

There have been hints by Greentech that although it really enjoys its relationship with Samsung, there have been significant amounts of efforts from senior management over the course of the year to rely on another major brand, to neutralize the effect in the case where Samsung changes its mind and doesn’t want to be associated with GreenTech anymore.

Greentech’s director, Mr. Omer Shinwari is fairly positive, though, as he has ruled out any possibilities of rejection, and has stated that it may take another 3 to 4 months for a final decision between Nokia and GreenTech to be made.


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