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Grooves partners with Blockchain Platform to enable patients have access to Telemedicine

Grooves partners with Blockchain Platform to enable patients have access to Telemedicine. In a bid to let the patients have access to telemedicine and an ability to pay in crypto MedicalChain has announced partnership with the London based Groves Medical Group, says Medicalchain’s Medium post.

Medicalchain is a platform that has been designed for recording patients’ medical records on Blockchain.

The Medium post declaring partnership on 6 March told that this partnership makes The Groves the first UK medical practice that will Blockchain and accept crypto payments for providing healthcare services.

The Groves group is made up of 4 general practitioner (GP) practices that contain a total of more than 1,000 private patient families and 30,000 registered patients as well. The group will begin using the pilot program in July this year, with Medicalchain’s Hyperledger Blockchain tech.

How will Blockchain help medical institutions?

Storing and recording health records of patient on the Blockchain will allow organizations such as medical institutions, researchers, and health insurers to request permission to access a patient’s file if they want to record their own services on the digital ledger.

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To use its secure identity platform, Medicalchain has partnered with Civic to verify doctors and their licenses to operate.

The Medicalchain pilot will issue a free wallet for patients to maintain full control over their medical records & telemedicine services.

GP consultations over video will be available to those patients who are using the Medicalchain pilot.

Cryptocurrency will be used by the patients to pay for medical services, and the Medium post also notes that users will be “incentivized” to pay for any of the telemedicine services with MedTokens, cryptocurrency of Medicalchain’s.

A Senior Partner at The Groves, Dr. Vince Grippaudo, stated in the Medium post that the partnership is a ‘unique opportunity’ to bring Blockchain into healthcare for the benefit of a patient.

He also stated; “We believe that by empowering people to choose how they access healthcare, we can reduce the burden on public health services. The goal is to improve health services, not only in the UK but across the world, and with Medicalchain we believe we can be a part of that.”

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