It was reliably told that Cabinet Division on Friday issued an advisory against attempts to squat typos.The advice states that cybercriminals are using criminal websites with names that look like those of public websites.

Common misspellings or abbreviations for official website names are employed in the name of government websites in order to trick users into entering passwords and other personal information in a hazard manner or to download malware onto their computers or different electronic devices.

The information claims the following: On their malicious website pages, hackers employ redirects to safe domains via the internet.

By using this trick, scam websites can appear as official sites.

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The alert also recommends taking preventive steps like making your computer configured to prevent cross-domain redirects that are generated by suspicious websites.

It is also recommended to use free software to locate websites that are not legitimate and could be used to launch an attack of typosquatting.

PTA will ban these websites after they have been recognized.

The government’s agencies (civil as well as military) were urged from Cabinet Division Cabinet Division to take precautions against any attacks from their sites.

In addition, it recommends website owners to create comprehensive awareness campaigns to inform their users about these attacks.


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