Hagia Sophia To Be Converted To Mosque After Court Ruling

Hagia Sophia

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan announced Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia open to Muslim love on Friday after a top court decided that the structure’s transformation to a historical center by present day Turkey’s establishing legislator was illicit. Erdogan made his declaration only an hour after the court administering was uncovered, in spite of universal alerts not to change the status of the almost 1,500-year-old landmark, worshipped by Christians and Muslims the same. 

“The choice was taken to hand over the administration of the Ayasofya Mosque […] to the Religious Affairs Directorate and open it for adore,” the choice marked by Erdogan said. 

Erdogan had before proposed reestablishing the mosque status of the Unesco World Heritage Site, a point of convergence of both the Christian Byzantine and Muslim Ottoman domains and now one of the most visited landmarks in Turkey. 

The United States, Greece and church pioneers were among those to communicate worry about changing the status of the colossal 6th century building, changed over into an exhibition hall in the beginning of the advanced mainstream Turkish state under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. 

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“It was presumed that the settlement deed dispensed it as a mosque and its utilization outside this character is beyond the realm of imagination lawfully,” the Council of State, Turkey’s top authoritative court in Ankara, said in its decision. 

“The bureau choice in 1934 that finished its utilization as a mosque and characterized it as a historical center didn’t agree to laws,” it stated, alluding to a decree marked by Ataturk. The affiliation which brought the legal dispute, the most recent in a 16-year fight in court, said Hagia Sophia was the property of the Ottoman head who caught the city in 1453 and transformed the effectively 900-year-old Byzantine church into a mosque. Erdogan, a devout Muslim, tossed his weight behind the battle to change over the structure before neighborhood races a year ago. 

The Ottomans assembled minarets nearby the huge domed structure, while inside they included enormous calligraphic boards bearing the Arabic names of the early Muslim caliphs close by the landmark’s old Christian iconography. 

The Russian Orthodox Church said it lamented that the court didn’t consider its interests when settling on its decision and said the choice could prompt much more prominent divisions, the TASS news organization detailed. Beforehand, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the otherworldly top of around 300 million Orthodox Christians worldwide and situated in Istanbul, said changing over it into a mosque would frustrate Christians and would “crack” East and West. US State Secretary Mike Pompeo and Greece had likewise asked Turkey to keep up the structure as a gallery. Yet, Turkish gatherings have since quite a while ago battled for Hagia Sophia’s change into a mosque, saying this would better mirror Turkey’s status as an overwhelmingly Muslim nation.


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