Fan or fanatic? Or who’s to know she is the actual deal? Nowadays, its basically impossible to tell the truth from the false. That is exactly the case with Hamza Ali Abbassi’s alleged first wife who has claimed that Hamza owes her, her rights. This could possibly be a fanatic trying to gain attention because uptil now she hasn’t produced any evidence to support her claims.

This all started back in March when Hamza, the pyarey Afzal actor took to twitter to show his support for the quetta gladiators. This was the first time she took to the scene to make her claims of Hamza not giving her the rights she apparently deserves.

Hamza, give me my rights!!!you take your responsibility as a man! Give me protection, safety, love, and care. Just like the right of any other wife!

She goes by the name, AnilaVeryamani and has resurfaced when NaimalKhawar was defending herself recently for quitting acting. Anila, tweeted again at this instant

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I was first in his life, and it’s my right to live in that house, and you snatched it from me, my husband. According to law. Man can’t take another wife not until he treats his first wife right, and Hamza did not give my rights, so he doesn’t have the right to keep you with him.

This wasn’t the end to it as she added Hania Amir into the mix as well and claimed that Naimal and Hania were both involved in taking him away from her.

Naimal, you and Hania, played the game well and you took away Hamza from me. No matter what happens, l will be the first wife and love of his life as long as he shall live. We loved each other, and you came to our way, Brainwashed him against me. Now you are going to marry him tonight.

Hamza Ali Abbassi has remained quiet on the matter which could mean a whole lot of things. On the one hand, he might not be giving the attention that this girl desires to make this go away as she probably is a fanatic. However, on the contrary even if he’s guilty here, the girl has not shown any evidence because of which she has been called out for as well. The saga remains mysterious…

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