Hands-free phone to read text messages

Hands-free phone to read text messages

Hands-free phone to read text messages. No one likes to be left behind, in this age of technology, Google, which is the giant of technology, has managed to launch its own earphone department so that it competes in the game of smart earphones.

Quite earlier the changes have been made to introduce Google’s earphone department.

Now Google will also facilitate you with its very own smart earphones like Apple’s Airpods or the Bragi Dash line.

What makes Earphones special?

Google app, according to 9to5 Google, had some clues relating the earphones the company is working on to compete the game of technological advancements.

The earphones, namely Bisto, had been referred. With these earphones, you would not have to pick up the phone to read a text message, because Google Assistant will be doing all for you by telling you what the sender have sent you. Even you will reply by speaking to the earphones.

On the left side of the earphone, there will be a button for Google Assistant, that makes the earphones an over ear headphones instead of the earbuds,  that we usually use.

Official announcement?

Still there is no any clear indication about the release of the Bisto Headphones, however experts predict it to be best for Google to announce the earphones release with the new Pixel phones, reborn Chromebook Pixel and an entry-level Home speaker, as Google’s customary fall hardware event is not far now.

Google, quite surprisingly has made its big part in the Artificial Intelligence market, and now it is trying to introduce a new product every year with the help of AI.

The upcoming headphones will enable Google to step up its game and come face all their competitors by ranking itself on the level of the compitetors. No one likes to be left behind, in this age of technology.


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