Hands-on Images of Huawei Mate 20 Pro have seemed to be leaked on the Internet.

These leaks and rumors are continually being leaked from multiple sources regarding the Huawei latest phone and now as expected we it seems that an image has been leaked which shows someone holding the new phone in his very own hand.

So far so many rumors have come into existence about the new Huawei Mate 20 Pro that it has become harder for people to believe in, as is the case with this image. A rumor is still a just a rumor and to believe that this is actually the phone it would be taking it a bit afar. This image however gives a perfect look of the device concerned and according to what we heard about the phone it seems that the design presented is followed and the final outcome might just be this but one can never tell now.

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The handset looks to have a curved 6.9-inch display which makes it a pretty big phone. It has what one can say an iPhone-inspired notch on top of the screen or in between however you may understand it and it gets better it is also expected that the phone will have a state of the art 3D facial recognition feature for quicker and more efficient access to your phone. Now coming towards the back of the phone it seems to have a big square-shaped camera alignment surprisingly with three imaging sensors and of course an LED flash and there is also a Leica branding on the top and we can also see a dark color option with a reflective glass cover to go along with the color, however the phone is to launch 3 more options in terms of colors, Twilight, Blue and quite possibly Green. This phone looks to be targeting the population who are obsessed with mobile-phone photography with their main demand being, to have an amazing camera with tons of different features which they can use to capture what in their mind is the perfect photograph and this phone might just fulfill that demand. Furthermore Enterprises like Google, iPhone, and Samsung have already focused a lot on the camera and have produced some exceptional phones but with the launch of Huawei Mate 20 pro they might well give some outstanding competition to these companies and can establish themselves as a frontrunner but only time will tell, till then I am sure people cannot wait for the launch of this amazing phone.

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