As we celebrate the 72nd independence day of our beloved country Pakistan; we need to reflect upon how the creation of our homeland has given us the opportunities, the cutting edge as well as strength to prove ourselves individually as well as, as a nation.

In the comity of nations, Pakistan stands unique as the combination of the diverse group of people who reached a unique consensus to form a nation-state and create; as a matter of fact, a new door of civilization. We as a country are uniquely located at the crossroads of somewhat diverse civilizations. Along with our western border are old civilizations; the Arabs, the Persians and the Turks. On our northern borders are the Chinese and along the eastern flanks, we find the Indian peninsula.

While the Chinese neighbour has only recently been acquainted with us, our worldview, our habits, our way of life has been invariably influenced by our immediate intimate civilizations; namely the Indian and the Persian one. If today our eating habits are predominantly vegetarian; our spoken dialects are heavily influenced by Arabic and Persian. However, despite all these diverse influences Pakistan charted out a path for itself which is influenced by many trends yet it has its own exclusivity.

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A home to so many diverse types of people; its tolerance appetite is second to none. Despite all the pressures emanating from security challenges to economic pressures; it people have never demonstrated any will to be intellectually hijacked by any foreign trend or allow anyone to exploit its weaknesses. Our society has been through the trials and tribulations of the situations self-inflicted as well as those imposed by the external factors. However, its people never gave in to make it a field day for any foreign vested interest; despite being very humble and down to earth in their basic composure.

Here it should not be ignored that while in timeline term we are 72nd years of age; but in the evolution of a nation-state; we still have a long way to go. While too “ infant” in civilization sense; we have not only survived but also tried to make a mark for ourselves in any domain; one may want to discuss or debate. We have done that despite all the pressures to change and customize according to the demands of the world market, world polity or world terms of reference. Our ability to bend and then stand straight like a tree which is resolute in the face of storms has made the comity of nations treat us with respect. Despite a shaky start when we lost our father of the nation too early and initially compromised on few things; we lost a part of us in the form of a new nation-state; today as we celebrate the 72nd independence day; we are not for hire by any so-called “ great” superpower. Nor were are the slaves ready to do the bidding of any master.

The future holds promise for us. However what is needed is that we do not lose sight of our cutting edge; which above all is our uniqueness in the comity of nations.


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