On Monday, Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Dr Hasan Askari was invited for a meeting by Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) Chairperson Dr Nizamud Din at his office to discuss various matters, including promotion of research & development in higher education sector.

The chief minister called the education as a key to success and a symbol of bright future of the country adding that immediate steps should be taken for the promotion of higher education.

Chief minister also said that attention is needed for provision of quality education particularly for durable promotion of higher education sector because this is the only way to achieve educational targets.

 He also discussed that research and development should be focused at universities and demanded a direct liaison among industry, livestock, agriculture and other sectors. More work is needed to be done with commitment and passion (according to the chief minister) for promotion of research and development at universities.

Long-lasting reforms in education sector were also demanded by the chief minister as reforms are the basis of national development as developed countries have earned a niche in the comity of nations through measures they took for education.

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Dexterous use of information technology is imperative for uplifting the educational system for betterment of the nation and vibrant strategy is required to transform the universities as centres of excellence for modern knowledge according to the chief minister.

The PHEC chairperson could not help appraising the chief minister for his performance as well as future strategy of the commission.

Vice Chancellor of King Edward Medical University Prof Dr Khalid Masood Gondal also Separately alled on Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Dr Hasan Askari at his office the same day and the chief minister said that KEMU is a historic institution in medical education.

He added that extraordinary importance of KEMU is needed to be further highlighted. He added that KEMU’s educational status will be restored by promoting merit in this institution.

Chief minister did not only focus on merit but also said that research has the key importance in medical sector and Pakistan can earn global recognition by promoting research in this field.


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