There was a new firmware update introduced by Xiaomi recently for its flagship device – the Pocophone F1. This update lead to the introduction of some new features, as well as some bug fixes for the cheap flagship device. And while the update was good news to many, there are some cases where users are facing issues after updating their device. This problem that the update has brought along is touchscreen issues. Xiaomi has also taken a note of the issue that users are facing, and has commented by saying that users with affected devices can bring in their devices for testing, in order to ascertain why they have such issues.

The announcement of Xiaomi calling users for bringing their devices for testing comes after an announcement was made by the head of Xiaomi’s Pocophone brand Alvin Tse. The announcement was made on Twitter, and he went on to disclose that the Chinese manufacturer was looking for models which are currently plagued by issues ranging from the likes of screen freezing, to the likes of phantom touches as well as touch lag in a more general manner.

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The exact statement made was : ‘Now that stable has been released for Poco F1 and some improvements have been reflected in the build, we are looking to analyze devices that are facing 1) screen freezing 2) ghost touch 3) touch lags. We will need to collect some devices to dither test.”

It is believed that there will indeed be a replacement unit provided for the users affected, while Xiaomi itself will teardown the devices which have been plagued in an attempt to analyze and find the cause of the issue at hand. However, not everyone will qualified to send in a unit. To do so, users will first need to send their user ID, contact information, videos as well as other details. After users have convinced Xiaomi that there is a problem, contact will be made to arrange for the retrieval of the device.


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