The Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination has enforced a prohibition on the consumption of sweetened sugary beverages during official meetings held within the ministry and its associated departments.

This ban aims to foster a healthier workplace atmosphere and is in line with the government’s dedication to public health.

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A formal advisory has been issued by the Federal Ministry of Health, instructing the cessation of sweetened products during official gatherings or events. This directive stems from the Health Minister’s observation that sugary drinks contribute to both communicable and non-communicable diseases. Dr. Nadeem Jan, the Health Minister, reiterated the government’s commitment to implementing effective measures to combat both types of diseases. He disclosed that the federal government has initiated a comprehensive Rs6.8 billion program geared towards diabetes prevention.

Dr. Jan emphasized the significant reforms undertaken by his ministry to enhance the health sector within a short span. He acknowledged the detrimental effects of sugary drinks on individuals of all age groups and underscored the importance of shielding everyone from the adverse consequences of excessive sugar consumption, especially through beverages.


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