Healthcare startups Wopiz and Healthwire have decided to take up steps to improve the present condition of healthcare in pakistan.

Healthwire founder HamzaIqbal,says:

“ Wopiz had good on-ground traction and Healthwire has penetrated the market very well therefore, we were ideally placed for a merger. We are also very happy to set a positive precedent in the startup ecosystem of Pakistan by completing the first merger of any two startups that we know off.”

Shehbaz Bashir and Aamir Mughal, co-founders of Wopizhave initiatedHealthwire team as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer.

Healthwire, was formed last year by a group of students from the well- knownuniversity, LUMS, their basic aim was to link patients in Lahore that had the best dentists experience. It was launched in October in the last year, 2015.


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