Healthy lifestyle choices for entrepreneurs and employees

Healthy lifestyle choices for entrepreneurs and employees
Healthy lifestyle choices for entrepreneurs and employees

Healthy lifestyle choices for entrepreneurs and employees. With the year coming to an end, it is best to gift such kind of bouquet of suggestions to someone that could make his/her  life easier, convenient and brighter. Being aware of the fact that going with the year we miss a lot of things we were resolute to do in beginning, but there are also the promises we made and get with hitting all the year with the passion we got in the very beginning of the year.

So, here I am with some suggestions for you, either you are enterpreneur or employee, these “healthy lifestyle” tips would do good the whole year for you.

Rise early to shine through the day :

Most of the succeeding leaders across the world wake up early and this habit keeps them ahead professionally, and boosts  health. It also improves memory and learning, and wards the depression away.

Don’t miss a glass of water:

Try drinking a glass of water when awake, and before every meeting, as it is a stress reliever, natural detoxifier, that does more than just quench your thirst and plays a huge role in the physiological and enzymatic reactions in body. It regulates body temperature and is the best solution for losing weight.

Drink about six to eight glasses a day. You can also squeeze half a lemon in it to add in flavour.

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Keep calm & do yoga:

Yoga should be on top of your agenda if you are striving for a healthy lifestyle. Start to kickstart your day with a surya namaskar and end it with a minute of shav assan. Granddaddy of Yoga  BKS Iyengar says “In the practice of yoga, one can emphasize the body, the mind or the self and hence the effort can never be fruitless.”  Engage yourself in a light evening session of yoga, -punctually- and in meditation, this way, rewards will be lifelong.

A royal breakfast is also good:

Skipping breakfast is the worst mistake towards starting the day. To start your day on the right note you require to ensure you have a high-energy diet to keep your attention and productivity at an optimum level. The right time to have breakfast is at around 7:am or within an hour of waking up. It’s better to pick complex carbs that gives you a better satiety value and fullness than the other simple carbs. With the high-stressed jobs, & long hours of travel time -usually- in cities, it is essential for entrepreneurs and startup employees to start the day with breakfast.

Let the junk food go away:

Greasy pizzas and grilled cheeseburgers according to a research article from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition will affect your heart sooner than later. Since entrepreneurs are traveling extensively, home-cooked food is difficult to come by than investor funding. In such cases, must ensure that you look at some healthy alternatives such as nuts, seed, and fruits, etc.

Hearty dose of laughter

It’s very rare to find people talking about the time they spent to unwind by laughter. Maybe it is due to our busy schedules, but  laughing is one of the best stress busters. Being cheerful not only impacts you but the team & the people around you. In the next year make sure to laugh as more possible.

Learn some new hobby:

 On Weekends only one can relax a little, so start with a new hobby this year, like learning some musical instrument, painting or trying your hand in the kitchen with cookery. If indoors are not your thing, pick some location outskirts & go on a trek with friends.  You can even grow your own organic terrace garden if you are interested in gardening.

Spend quality time with family:

Balancing family and work is quite a task. Nevertheless, you can’t allow your work to eat up your family time. If such is the case with you,  it’s high-time you give your family the due attention they need. Leave the stress at your doorstep & enter your home with a happy mind. Try to learn to disconnect if you really want a break and return to something you adore doing with a refreshed mind.


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