The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has issued a warning about an impending heatwave set to hit Punjab throughout April.

The authority has urged the public to take necessary precautions. Pakistan has been facing various climate-related challenges and is among the top 10 most vulnerable places in the world to unpredictable weather patterns.

According to the PDMA’s statement, there is anticipated to be a significant increase in heat intensity during April, with temperatures expected to surpass the average recorded over the past three decades.


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“The plains of Punjab are at risk of experiencing heatwaves, especially in major cities,” stated the PDMA.

Moreover, the PDMA cautioned that strong winds, dust storms, heavy rainfall, and hail are likely to impact the province. These heavy rains could potentially result in river flooding.

The statement further mentioned that PDMA Punjab Director-General Irfan Ali Kathia has instructed the local administration to stay vigilant regarding seasonal fluctuations. “Rescue organizations and district administrations should prepare themselves. Citizens should also be informed about weather changes and advised on precautionary measures.”


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