Heavy iPhone 12 sales leading to a surge in demand for cooling solutions?

iPhone 12

Earlier reports with regards to the iPhone 12 proceeded on to claim that Apple may not exactly be too successful with its latest flagship series. However, with respect to what the latest proceedings suggest, it seems that this won’t be the case. Indeed with respect to what we have seen so far, the iPhone 12 series have been gaining quite a large amount of popularity and the demand for the devices has been quite high. As such, the latest suggestion with regards to the iPhone 12 series now is that iPhone 12 sales will also rise the demand for cooling solutions.

The latest batch of speculation goes on to suggest that in accordance with what industry sources have to say, the recent sales with regards to the iPhone 12 indicate an imminent demand for 5G smartphones next year. Such sales will also reportedly go on and raise the demand as well as increase the order for smartphone cooling solutions – this being in accordance with what the suppliers from Taiwan are suggesting.

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For those who are unaware of that cooling solutions generally refer to, they are the heat pipes/vapor chambers (copper) which are found within smartphones. The aid in the absorption process of excess that may stem from heavy tasks wish as gaming, video rendering etc. In addition to this, with the integration of 5G technology, both the battery as well as the SoC are put to strain as the 5G antenna within demands more juice.

This does on to pave the way for the introduction of cooling solutions inside every 5G smartphone. And Apple’s iPhone 12 series are already selling like hot cakes everywhere. Besides the fact that Apple is facing a shortage of components, the company is also in the process of loading up inventories in the run-up so as to dominate the market. Such a healthy trend obviously point towards the fact that the demand for 5G will obviously see increase and so will the cooling solutions that are required inside. 


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