It appears that the claim of the iPhone 14 Plus being “the largest battery on an iPhone to date” was a sham at the very least according to the latest information gathered from an Chinese regulation database. The database has accurately revealed size of the battery of iPhone 13 models as well as the 14 16″ MacBook Pro laptops last year.

As per the report according to the leak, according to the leak, all iPhone 14 models have slightly larger batteries over their predecessors, with the notable exception in the case of iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is lagging by a slight margin. The iPhone 14 Plus that was advertised with the biggest iPhone battery, is just short in comparison to the 13.3 Pro Max.

Capacity of batteries for iPhone 13 series batteries. iPhone 13 series:

  • iPhone 13 Mini: 2,406 mAh
  • iPhone 13: 3,227 mAh
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 3,095 mAh
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 4,352 mAh

Capacity of batteries for iPhone 14 series batteries. iPhone 14 series:

  • iPhone 14: 3,279 mAh
  • iPhone 14 Plus: 4,325 mAh
  • iPhone 14 Pro: 3,200 mAh
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: 4,323 mAh

iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max have almost the same size battery, but it is the Pro Max is expected to perform better. 

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This is due to its an A16 Bionic that is more efficient chip as well as it has a ProMotion display which allows the screen to reduce its refresh rate to just 1Hz, which will save battery.

Minor Battery Life Improvement

Apple promises “full all-day battery” that will be available on every iPhone 14 models with 29 hours of video playback time on the Pro Max and 26 hours on the iPhone 14 Plus. For the base iPhone 14 should get 20 hours of video playback, while the iPhone 14 Pro will get 23 hours, as per Apple.

This implies it’s possible that iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Pro Max, and Pro Max should get one more hours of playback of videos offline in comparison to the iPhone 13 models. There isn’t a comparable version for the iPhone 14 Plus since we were given a Mini phone that had 2406 mAh of battery.

The the four iPhone 14 models launched last week, and will go on sale the 16th of September. iPhone 14 Plus will be available on September 7. iPhone 14 Plus, however will be available for purchase on the 7th of October.


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