The YouTube experience has continuously improved thanks to new privacy features and functions. Today, I’ll be writing down the most popular 7 hidden YouTube features you’ll definitely need to test. Let’s get started.

The seven most popular characteristics have been listed in the following paragraphs:

1. Make a note of when you should stop for a moment

YouTube’s algorithms are extremely clever. They will try to make you watch more videos, which can ruin your day, particularly at the time of night. Therefore, it is important to make a schedule to remind you when it’s time to go to bed in order to take time off.

2. Stop YouTube search and view the history

The app makes use of your history of searches and watched to provide recommendations for videos on the homepage. What happens if someone else is using the same YouTube accounts on your tablet or smart TV? It’ll start showing the same videos you typically go to. In this case you are able to temporarily stop your search as well as the watch history. This will help you avoid unrelated recommendations on videos. It is a great tool in situations where you need to hide YouTube search results and history from your children or guests.

3. Use the restricted mode

Should you not want children to come across explicit or inappropriate content on YouTube by accident, you should be sure to make use of this feature. It allows YouTube’s restricted mode, which blocks potentially adult-oriented videos. However, there’s no assurance of whether the restriction mode will be 100 100% correct. It cannot be enabled in restricted mode on your account on any other device.

4. You can disable YouTube’s autoplay feature for next videos.

YouTube typically allows autoplay on default. The system shows the following recommended video automatically , which can waste your time by tempting you to view more videos. But, if you don’t want to automatically play suggested videos it is possible to remove this feature.

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5. Review the transcripts of videos

YouTube is full different features which have enhanced your user’s experience. It generates a written transcript automatically for every video. The Written transcripts can be very useful when you need to write notes on a quote or specific portion of an instructional video. It is not necessary to play or stop the video the entire time to write notes. It’s a nice option for students.

6. Save YouTube videos for offline playback

Every YouTube Premium subscribers have the right to download YouTube videos to watch offline. The downloaded YouTube videos are accessible for 30 days with out having internet access.

Explore this hidden feature to boost your YouTube experience. We would love to hear from you in the comments section if there is more you know about it.


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