Here is an amazing Traffic Warden who uses Facebook to promote the image of Police in Pakistan

So Mr. Rasheed Khan was just an ordinary Traffic Warden, quite like any other and well work can be tough in any field of life, and many of us use our leisure time to surf around the web and use different social media platforms in that time. One famous social platform is that of Facebook and well Mr. Rasheed over here is just like any guy out here, and he too has a profile on Facebook where he shared various pictures and posts with his family and friends but little did he know that he would soon have 83,000 fans all over Pakistan and maybe even other countries in the world.

So Rasheed is not just a social media icon now but is also a famous man in Peshawar where he has earned a lot of respect in his job. When he was asked about the strategy he uses to increase followers, he simplyreplied that “I don’t know. It just started happening.”He gets a really good   response on Facebook and Khanstates that most people who comment on his posts really appreciatehis work and efforts as  a traffic warden, which greatly encourages him to do better. But there are also some, he says, who leave negative comments like calling him a ‘publicity seeker” or a “wannabe” but he does not let that affect his work or his efforts in portraying a decent image of the Police force as a whole.

So Rasheed Khan currently operates  as a Sub-Inspector and he has served in the traffic police for 20 years and during his time he  has received upto  18 prestigious awards, shields and appreciation certificates which show his amazing performance in his line of work.He sees himself as a representative of the traffic police and states that he has good time when talks with citizens. His Facebook posts aim to spread awareness among the public regarding traffic rules, as well as portraying a positive image of the traffic police.

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So I am sure you all are wondering how he has helped in raising the reputation of the Traffic Police, well Khan often records his conversations with the citizens of Peshawar using a hidden body camera which is officially provided to him by the Traffic Police, and posts the videos on his Facebook profile.

His recordings often include incidents with VIP citizens who violate the traffic rules; his own refusal to accept bribes and other instances where he engages with citizens. Going by his Facebook engagement, it seems his fans are eager to see influential people held accountable for violating traffic rules. Furthermore, He also posts videos and photos in which he shows various other wardens helping people on the roads, like changing vehicle tires for someone or helping the elderly cross the road, which show that the Police organizations here in Pakistan still have a lot of good people left and that sometimes our criticism is a little unjustified.

Here is an amazing Traffic Warden who uses Facebook to promote the image of Police in Pakistan

Moreover we hope that Rasheed Khan keeps on carrying his efforts in showing us, the people the true picture of this line of work and we wish him well for all his troubles and may God help him in his efforts in protecting the roads of Pakistan.

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