I am sure that every once in a while people want to remove people out of a photo without damaging the overall photo, but to do that people require a lot of skill to make the picture look as if no editing had been done on the picture. With that in mind, there is now an app which does all the work for you all in just $2.99 and to go however, this application is currently only available for iOS users.

A new app has been made available on iOS Apple store which is called Bye Bye Camera and the main function of this applicationis to remove people from your photos. Now in terms of the work, the app gets it done but it is not perfect, sometimes some details are forgone in the final picture but the overall result is pretty good.

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Moreover, it is worth noting that the new app is an art project by developers who are known as Do Something Good, made in collaboration with an artist Damjanski and along with him two friends. All of the noted people are a part of an “incubation collective” where coders along with artists bring together their resources to develop new projects and one such project is Bye Bye Camera.

Furthermore, the software whichruns the applicationis designed rathersimply. The softwaresimply uses an open-source object detection algorithm which is dubbed as the YOLO (You Only Look Once) and this helps you find and identify people and alongwith it works a combination of AI systems which fill in their absence. The main developer is yet to provide any further details and information concerning the device. Itis worth noting over here that the new application can successfully remove objects from your photos howeverit should also be noted that the application is sort of slow and leaves a mess of broken pixels in the background.


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