So the respective Governor of State Bank of Pakistan Mr. Raza Baqir hails from the village of Vehari. His late Grand Father was a very well known and honorable man and he had under him a lot of land in the village mentioned before.

Moreover, the father of the Governor Chaudhary Sharif Baqir was a very well known Barrister of the law and he too belonged to the village of Vehari. As time went on his father joined the very famous Pakistan People’s Party as a representative of politics, he joined the PPP in 1988 and ran for the seat of National Assembly only to lose to a representative of the Pakistan Muslim League-N Mr. Nasim Shah.

After nearly a decade he found some success after he was appointed as the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1997, at the time the PM Pakistan was AzamMairaj.

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Moreover, on to Raza Baqir,  he achieved his primary and secondary education from the noble and prestigious Aitchison College Lahore and furthered his studies by moving to America where he obtained a degree in Economics. As time went on he slowly achieved the fast track to success and eventually landed a job at the International Monetary Fund(IMF).

Moreover, it should be worth mentioning that the now governor State Bank Raza Baqir holds a degree from Harvard and the University of Berkley, in his time at IMF he was a Senior Resident Representative to Egypt and some say that he along with IMF played a vital role in stabilizing the economy of Egypt while other criticize him for bringing hyperinflation in the country.

Dr. Reza Baqir has eighteen years of experience under his belt with IMF and a further two years experience working alongside the World Bank. He was the Head of the IMF’s Office in Egypt and Senior Resident Representative since August 2017.

He has also held the prestigious positions of the IMF Mission Chief for Romania and Bulgaria, Division Chief of the IMF’s Debt Policy Division, Head of the IMF delegation to the Paris Club, Deputy Division Chief of the IMF’s Emerging Markets Division, IMF Resident Representative to the Philippines, and numerous other positions.

His research has been published in very notable and top journals in the profession of Economics, Journals which portray his work include the Journal of Political Economy and the Quarterly Journal of Economics.

All in all Mr. Baqir Ali is a PhD in the field of Economics witkh vast experience under his belt and we think that he can really play a part in stabilizing the economy of Pakistan. As of this week he has been appointed as the 20th Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan by the honorable President of Pakistan Mr. Arif Alvi and we as citizens of Pakistan expect and hope that he can help Pakistan get out of the economic crisis that Pakistan is currently under-going.


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