So the government of Pakistan lead by our Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan has put the names of all of the 172 in the multi-billion rupee fake accounts scandal on the exit control list of Pakistan. For those of you who may not know, the ECL list of Pakistan is a system of border control maintained by the Government of Pakistan and the people who fall in this list are prohibited from leaving Pakistan under any circumstances. This list was formed in 1981 and has since been carried on. One of the aims of this list is to take in to control people involved in massive corruption or the misuse of power, to bring them to justice and to set an example for those who wish to indulge in any criminal activity!

Moreover, the federal Cabinet on Tuesday decided to put all of the 172 suspects who were involved in the said case on the ECL list for their involvement in money laundering and fake bank accounts. Some of the most prominent names of the list include senior Pakistan People’s Party members, the former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardarithe Chairman PPP FaryalTalpur and the ex Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah and Murad Ali Shah. The Omni group who have been facing a lot of criticism lately after reports suggest the involvement of the Omni group with Asif Ali Zardari and many members of this group have also been added in to the list. Moreover Big names in the banking industry such as the Summit Bank, Sindh Bank and even the National Bank of Pakistan have all had their executive members sentenced in to the no-fly list. All in all a lot of prominent people who once had a strong hold on the nations economy have been put on ECL which is deemed to be a step in the right direction by the people of Pakistan and if brought to justice, this can result in a huge step towards the success of Pakistan.

Now without further a due, here is the 172 man ECL list of the case of Fake Accounts!

       Name)                                      CNIC)Remarks/ Job Occupation

  1. Abdul Ghani Majid 42301-7764135-5 Omni Group
  2. AbdulJabbar42000-9074397-7 M/s Pink Residency
  3.  Abdul MominDahri45402-2226221-5                         Sindh Interior
  4. AbdulQudoosChachar41306-6200193-3.                M/s A. H. Chachar& Sons
  5. Abu Bakar 42301-6489498-3 S/O Maku Khan
  6. Adeel Shah Rashid 42301-0820518-5 S/O HASAN SHAH RASHDI
  7. Aftab Hussain AftabPathanNA                                      PSM Land Exchange Case
  8. AghaWasif42301-6504038-1 Secretary Energy
  9. hsan Ahsan.                            42201-6128575-3 S/O HashimMoorad
  10.  Ahsan Raza Durrani42301-7453002-7.              President Summit Bank
  11. Ahsan Tariq 42201-2257522-7 President Sindh Bank
  12.  Ali Akbar Abro.                      41203-8269115-7.             XEN Sindh Coal Authority
  13.  Ali AzeemIkram                     37405-4242283-5 Executive Director SECP
  14.  Ali Kamal Majeed.                 42301-8273075-3                   Omni Group
  15. Ali Nawaz Mehar42301-6267371-3 MPA
  16. Amir   42201-0772868-3.           S/O Muhammad Illyas
  17.  Amir Siddiqui.                                NA                                  Head Commercial & Retail
  18. AmjadAftab.                            42201-2242542-7 S/O Sher Ali
  19.  Anwar Majid Khawaja.         42000-3036006-3.                 Omni Group
  20. Ashfaque Ahmed Laghari41204-0947448-5.            S/O Hussain Bakhsh Laghari
  21.  Ashok Chaturthadani41303-4463080-9 M/s.         Thadani Enterprises
  22. ShahabJatoiNA Ashraf D Baloch Construction Co.
  23. Asif Ali Zardari45402-7533699-1 MNA
  24. BasharatMehmood34101-5885410-3 Hawala Dealer
  25. M. Bilal Shaikh.                   42301-0741033-7 President Sindh Bank
  26. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.      45402-9818540-5 MNA
  27. Dawood Khan.                   42101-1577010-5 NA
  28. DawoodiMorkas              42301-8048360-9 S/O Ali Bhai Morkas
  29.  Ehsan Ali Choudhry.           42201-9268839-7                S/O Allah Rakha Ch.
  30. EhsanElahi NA S/O Sultan Muhammad
  31. Syed Amir Shahzad42301-7939211-3.                 S/O Syed Nazar Hussain Shah
  32. Fahad Hussain                         42101-7605680-3.                         NA
  33.  Fahad Sultan Ahmed.           42301-2924621-1.             S/O Khwaja Sultan Ahmed
  34.  Farman Ali 42301-3376738-5.                          NA
  35. FaryalTalpur42301-6454082-0.                        MPA
  36.  Ghulam Hussain Halari 42301-0754285-5             S/OAbdulRazzaqHalari
  37. Ghulam Mustafa Memon42301-0848323-1               S/O Ahmed Ali
  38. Ghulam Mustafa Phul45206-1772964-9 Secretary Land Utilization
  39. GhulamQadir41307-9793000-7 S/O Darya Khan

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Name CNIC Remarks

  • GhulamUlNabi41307-8913027-9 S/O Ghulam Hussain
  • HafizRab Nawaz.                  43103-1384563-3.              M/s Hafiz Rab Nawaz & Company
  • HajiMureed Akbar NA.                                                      NA
  • HajiSiraj Uddin Soomro.         44107-0993214-5.                M/s Haji Siraj Uddin Soomro
  • HammadShahid.                   42201-5451963-1 S/O.               Muhammad Shahid
  •  Harish Kalumal44101-9715328-9 M/s Harish &Co
  •  Hasan Raza Abbasi42201-7267925-3.                          CEO STDC
  •  Hassan Ally Memon.              41409-4634304 Chairman / PD SID
  • HussainLawai                          91400-0140464-5.                  President Summit Bank
  • ImranHaider                              38406-0361972-9 NA
  • Imran Khan.                                    42101-1401796-9                S/O Zaheer Khan
  • ImranMansoor Ali Jivani 42101-1641679-5 S/O Mansoor Ali Hashim
  • Imtiaz Sheikh NA Minister
  •  Iqbal Ahmed Khan 45203-0818473-3 M/s Madni Engineering
  •  Irfan Slueman42301-2310457-7.                 Madni TV Employee
  • JagdeeshJagdeesh42101-8608060-5 NA
  • Jahanzeb Khan 54303-0152792-3.                      NA
  • Jiswant Kumar 42201-9023955-5 S/O Tulsi Das
  • Kamran Ali 34101-1388101-1                            NA
  • Kanwal Kumar 43205-4761638-5                            NA
  • Kazijaan Mohammad.                42301-6761708-5.                Deputy Commissioner Malir
  • KhalidHussain.                             42201-9206781-5.                  S/O Malang Khan
  • Khalid Masood Channa42402-6942789-3 M/s Khalid Masood Channa
  •  Khawaja M. Salman Younis          42301-3840087-5 Chief Officer, Omni Group
  • KhudaBuxKartio.                       43205-9544322-3 NA
  • KhurramNiazi.                                      NA.                                             NA
  • KhursheedJamali42101-1970607-1 CEO ME Consultant
  •  M. Aslam Qureshi.                      42301-0237806-9 Pink Residency
  • M. Umair42101-5250240-1.                            NA
  •  Dr. Dinshaw H. Ankaleseria42301-0225821-5 M/s Galaxy Construction
  • Majeen Fatima NA NA
  •  Malik Riaz Hussain 61101-7026134-9 Bahria Town
  • ManzoorQadir Kaka.                   42301-1254787-1.                     DG SBCA
  • Maqsood Naqvi.                                    NA                             Procurement Committee
  •  Masood Ul Hasan 42101-1774245-1.                        NA
  • Masud Karim Shaikh 42301-7204538-9 Head Corporated NBP
  • MerajMeraj.                               42301-1247625-1.                      NA
  •  Mohammad Munaf                               NA.                                     NA
  • Mst. SarwatAzeem.                   37405-5112678-0              Manager Sindh Bank
  • Muhammad Afzal 42101-2837816-1 NA
  •  Muhammad Ahsan.                    42301-2020737-5.            S/O Muhammad Younus
  •  Muhammad Aijaz Haroon 42201-6445174-5             S/O M. Haroon Ahmed
  • MuhammadAkmal.                    35304-1403793-9.                    NA
  •  Muhammad Ali Channa42000-9018472-9 MAC Engineering
  • MuhammadArif Khan.                42101-6984891-5 Omni Group
  • MuhammadAsad Ali 33202-5472614-7                         NA
  • Muhammad Ashraf Mughal 42201-1084269-1 S/O Noor M. Mughal
  •  Muhammad Asif 42201-8007124-1 NA
  •  Muhammad Faisal.                    42101-4805670-5 S/O Abdul Habib
  • MuhammadHanif42301-4545058-5                        S/O Shakoor
  • Muhammad Hasan Brohi             42301-1063269-9 Omni Employee
  •  Muhammad Imran 42000-2544871-1.                                NA
  •  Muhammad Iqbal 42201-3210172-3 S/O TayyegDawood
  •  Muhammad Jaffar42301-2920297-1.                    Wadood Engineering
  • Muhammad Jahangir Yousuf42301-7318983-5 M/s Oasis Driling Corporation
  •  Muhammad Jalal                         41308-0844529-5                               NA
  •  Muhammad JavedAlvi42201-5981607-5 NA
  •  Muhammad Mukhtar Ahmed.         42101-1906598-5 Manager Sindh Bank
  • MuhammadMushtaq42201-0852147-9 S/O Abdul Aziz
  •  Muhammad Naeem42201-4544759-7 NA
  • Muhammad Nasir Sheikh 42101-1257970-1         Operation Manager Summit Bank
  • MuhammadQadir.     42401-7358996-1 S/O Abdul Samad
  •  Muhammad Radeef Qureshi     42000-0506569-5      S/O Muhammad Zareef Qureshi

104)MuhammadRafiq Qureshi.       42301-1115005-7.                        NA

105) Muhammad Rasheed 42401-1946961-5 S/O Saleemud Din

106) Muhammad Sajid36302-8962638-9 S/O Muhammad Afzal

107) MuhammadShabbir42101-1625525-1 S/O Muhammad Ishaque

108) MuhammadShahzadAlam.        42201-5713277-9           S/O M. Akhtar Alam

109) MuhammadSohaill 42101-6101666-5 S/O M G Abdul Rasheed

110) Muhammad Tahir Mehmood42301-7638703-9                     NA

111)MuhammadTausif42301-0707701-3 S/O Muhammad Rafiq

112) Muhammad Waseem42000-1761562-1 Waseem Builders

113) MuhammadYasin.             42101-8390432-3                  S/O Muhammad Qasim

114) MuhammadYounusKodwavi.    42101-3421430-1 M/s Park Lane Pvt. Ltd.

115) Muhammad Yousaf.           42301-1070821-3.                  S/O Abdul Sattar

116) MuhammadYousufAbbasi42501-9462914-9 S/O Fojoo Khan Abbasi

117) Muhammad Yousufedhi       42301-2849460-3              Pink Residency

118) Mukesh Chawla 42301-2285411-5 MPA

119) MustafaZulquernain Majid 42301-5973984-7 Omni Group

120)Nadeem Ahmed Khan.          42101-1695415-3                    Paramount Builders (IBSC)

121)  Nadeem Altaf42201-0781275-3 Group Head Credit, Sindh Bank

122) Nadeem Anwar Ilyas.           42101-1657081-5 Head Corporate NBP

123 ) Nadeem Hakim Mandwivalla42301-6675532-1     S/O Ghulam Hakim uddinManwivalla

124) RiazLaljee.                                    NA      Dubai

125) Naveed Iqbal.                      42101-4094853-5.                       S/O Muhammad Iqbal

126) NazliMajeed42301-4252576-6 Omni Group

127) Nimr Majid Khawaja 42000-1246900-5 Omni Group

128) Nisar Ahmed Shaikh          42000-0507866-5.                   Addl. Secretary Finance

129) Qaim Ali Shah.                    42301-8463366-7 MPA

130 ) Rao Muhammad Khalid 42401-1333485-1 S/O.       Rao Muhammad Ateeq

131) SahibzadaZeeshanRehman    32101-1838844-9                   NA

132) Saif Uddin 21203-9593130-7                        S/O Sarbiland

133) Syed Asif Mahmood.        42101-3959886-3.             M/s Technoman Kinetics Pvt. Ltd.

134) Sajawal Khan.                    42301-4183057-5 S/O Muhammad Afzal Khan

135) Sajid Hussain.                     42501-5890069-9 NA

136)SajjadAbbasi                                NA NA

137(SalmanSalman42201-6108751-3               S/O Shamim Ahmed

138)SaqibSoomro42301-3035153-9 Secretary Land Utilization

139)Sardar Ahmed 42201-6087244-5 NA

140)SaadSumair42101-5240645-1                S/OMuhammadYasin

141) ShabbirWazeer Khan         42301-6104303-1.           S/O Wazir Khan

142)Shahid Ali 42201-1904316-7                  S/O Muhammad Saddique

143)Shahid Ali.                      41105-2496516-3.                       S/O Muhammad Sultan

144)Shahzada Kamran Ansari          35202-2706931-3.                       NA

145) Shaikh Foz Ur Rehman            42201-5793392-7           S/O Sheikh MansoorulHaq

146) Sheikh Waqar Ahmed               35201-0649741-7 S/O Sheikh Asghar Ali

147) Sher Muhammad Mugheri      43102-2473748-1 S/O M. RamzanMugheri

148)SirajShahid                  42201-7206711-1 S/O Muhammad Shahid

149) Sohail Anwar Sial                  42000-9636578-7 MPA

150) Sohail Rajput.                        42301-9474691-1 Secretary Finance

151) Syed Ali Raza 42301-0291078-5.                      President NBP

152)  Syed ArifAli.                          42501-2134745-1 Technomen Kinetics (Pvt) Ltd

153) SyedAsad Abbas Zaidi 42101-1927427-3                S/O Touqeer Hussain Zaidi

154)  Syed Kashif Raza 42201-0291956-5 S/O Syed Ali NaqiEjaz

155)  Syed Murad Ali Shah           42301-9192595-1                       MPA

156)  Syed Nusrat Ali 42101-9320112-5 S/O Syed Sarvat Ali

157) Ali Hassan Zardari45202-7398978-9 S/O Mir Khan Zardari

158)  Syed Shah Nawaz Nadir 42501-1486550-5 Director STDC

159) SyedZameerHaiderNA.                           Secretary Industries

160)  Syed Zeeshan Ali Warsi    42201-0293744-5 M/s Technoman Kinetics / Omni

161) Taha Raza 42301-4649608-9.               S/O Naqi Raza

162)  Tahir Mahmood 42301-3407842-3            Chairman SECP (Acting)

163) TahirMehmood35201-7396452-5 CEO Pak Ethanol (Pvt) Ltd

164) Tariq Aziz Channa45402-6857289-3 M/s MBC& Sons

165)  Tariq Baig                        42301-1055209-7 S/O Mirza RabBux

166) Tariq Sultan.                      42301-5717475-7 A-One International

167)UzairTehseen43201-9537302-5.  CEOWadood Engineering

168) Zaheer Ismail 42000-0493383-7 Summit Bank

169)  Zain Malik42301-5119920-9           S/O Arshad Malik

Here is the 172 Man ECL List for the Fake Accounts Case HRC 39216-G 2018

170) Zeeshan Ahmed.           42301-1059910-9 S/O Muhammad Iqbal

171) Zulfiqar Ali Shah 42301-4409822-9 Member R & S (BOR)

172) Abid Hussain.        NA.                           Executive Director SECP


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