Here’s How Much it Costs To Import Vs Locally Buy iPhone 14 in Pakistan

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Taxes on imports in Pakistan are at an all-time high currently regardless of whether it’s for laptops, smartphones, cars, GPUs and other things. This is the reason for why prices of smartphones in Pakistan are getting more expensive throughout the time. It’s reached a level that an mobile phone could be more than twice the cost of the price it was originally priced in Pakistan.

Apple’s brand new iPhones have arrived to Pakistan this month, and prices in Pakistan aren’t as outrageous as you’d imagine. A basic iPhone 14 costs $799 in the US and is currently approximately Rs. 192,343 as of the moment. But, purchasing an 128GB iPhone 14 from Pakistan could cost about the amount of Rs. 381,999 at Telemart and other retailers on the internet.

However, how much will it cost to purchase one iPhone yourself? Does it cost less to buy local for a phone? We are able to answer these questions since we have official data for import tax rates from FBR.

Here are the import tax rates on mobile phones derived directly from leaked documents from FBR.

Note: Regulatory Duty = RD, Sales Tax = ST, Withholding Tax = WHT and Mobile Levy = ML.

  • Up to $30: RD (Rs. 300), ST (Rs. 200), WHT (Rs. 100) ML (Rs. 100)
  • $30 to $100:RD (Rs. 3,000), ST (Rs. 200), WHT (Rs. 100), ML (Rs. 200)
  • $100 to $200:RD (Rs. 7,500), ST (Rs. 1,680), WHT (Rs. 930), ML (Rs. 600)
  • $200 to $350:RD (Rs. 11,000), ST (17% of the base USD value) and WHT (Rs. 970), ML (Rs. 1,800)
  • $350 to $500:RD (Rs. 15,000), ST (17% of the USD base value) (Rs. 5,000), WHT (Rs. 5,000), ML (Rs. 4,000)
  • $500 to $700:RD (Rs. 222,000), ST (17% of USD base value) and WHT (Rs. 11,500), ML (Rs. 8,000)
  • Above $700:RD (Rs. 222,000), ST (17% of the USD base value) WHT (Rs. 11,500), ML (Rs. 16,000)

Based on these numbers the import of a 128 GB iPhone 14 should cost about Rs. 274,541. Here’s the breakdown:

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(RD) Rs. 22,000 + ST (17% of 192,343 = Rs. 32,698) + WHT (Rs. 11,500) + ML (Rs. 16,000) + the value of the phone ($799 is Rs. 192,343). All of this amounts to more than Rs. 274,541 that is over the amount of. 100,000 less than the price in the local market.

Here’s a price comparison of the different iPhone 14 models.

iPhone 14 and 14 Plus

ModelImportLocal Purchase
128 GB iPhone 14Rs. 274,541Rs. 381,999
256 GB iPhone 14Rs. 302,707Rs. 404,999
512 GB iPhone 14Rs. 359,037Rs. 454,999
128 GB iPhone 14 PlusRs. 302,707Rs. 499,999
256 GB iPhone 14 PlusRs. 330,872Rs. 529,999
512 GB iPhone 14 PlusRs. 387,203Rs. 569,999

iPhone Pro and 14 Pro and Pro Max 14 Pro Max

ModelImportLocal Purchase
128 GB iPhone 14 ProRs. 330,872Rs. 464,999
256 GB iPhone 14 ProRs. 359,037Rs. 479,999
512 GB iPhone 14 ProRs. 415,368Rs. 549,999
1 TB iPhone 14 ProRs. 471,699Rs. 609,999
128 GB iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs. 359,037Rs. 539,999
256 GB iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs. 387,203Rs. 569,999
512 GB iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs. 443,534Rs. 609,999
1 TB iPhone 14 Pro MaxRs. 499,865Rs. 669,999

The prices are derived from US models, therefore phones from other countries could be slightly different. It’s also worth noting that paying the taxes will automatically give the PTA’s approval, meaning there is no have to pay an additional fee to get it.

The prices for imports mentioned above are the final price of the phones. There may be a charge for shipping , depending on the retailer. However, you can also hire someone to transport the device to you from a other country.

Be aware that if a cell phone is taken in a personal bag You will not be required to pay withholding taxes on the phone.


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