In a submission to clean out racist and bogus news the Government of Germany has approved a draft law; permitting the government to fine social sites that don’t get rid of fake and racists post hurriedly.

Malicious and fake posts on social sites have been a blemish for developed and underdeveloped countries. Many countries across the world are trying to control this trouble by introducing new laws for social sites.

Some German politicians have an opinion that the government has passed this new draft law to get a victory in the general elections, which will be held on 24 Sept 2017.

 It is important to be mentioned here that present German Government has permitted refugees from Syria and other countries to reside in the country and in the due progression has been condemned by rival political parties. The German government has also been greatly criticized on Social sites on this immigrant topic, that is why according to some important German intellectual government is keen to put more pressure on Social media houses so that the future elections doesn’t go out of their hands.

 Any person can simply suppose that the Refugee concern in Germany is all time lofty and will be a big factor in the forthcoming elections by keeping the above report in view.

“The draft law doesn’t spell out guidelines, examples or suggestion points to define illegal or liable to be punished content,” Wissenschaftlicher Dienst said. “It would have been really useful to offer data as well as studies to lend a hand to make a suitable evaluation of the hazard posed by the distribution of punishable intolerable content and false news and the unspecified destructive result they have.”

“Social sites would face 50 million Euros in fines if they do not succeed to take away the fake and racist post rapidly” According to this new this law

While on the other hand, a lot of political analysts have labeled this act by the administration as cruel and in opposition to freedom of speech.

Furthermore, in recent times Pakistani Anti-Terrorism Court declared a death sentence to a social media user for posting sacrilegious content about Islam on Facebook.


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