In the recent Def Con cyber-security conference, something rather ironic took place. At the conference were present notorious hackers, and in an attempt to celebrate this skill, the hackers designed hi-tech badges, and while they were designed by hackers themselves, they were also ironically designed for the other hackers at the conference. These badges were high in demand at the conference.
So, why were these badges designed, and what purpose did they serve? Well, they were programmed so you can play animations, games, flashlights – and of course, hack each other, because what’s the fun in it without the hacking, right?
These badges were not at all easy to make. In the anticipation of the conference which took place in Las Vegas, Hardware experts spent months of their time to create these unofficial electronic wearables, which also by the way, come with not only a mini-processor, but also “Easter eggs”, botnets, and secret unlock codes so that no one is left complaining when taking into consideration the amount of features that the devices actually possess.
Owners used their badges to serve the purpose of hacking similar devices to the ones that they possessed around the conference – for “lulz” – in simpler words, just to have fun at one another’s expense.


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