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Highnoon Laboratories’ Corona Combat Clinic Initiative

A CSR drive from one of the country’s leading Pharmaceuticals vows to make healthcare centers safe In pursuit of safeguarding the healthcare providers amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, Highnoon Laboratories Limited extends its support to the healthcare community by launching the Corona Combat Clinic initiative across Pakistan.

Corona Combat Clinic initiative is focused on providing state-of-the-art protection equipmentto healthcare centers all over Pakistan. This will not only help protect doctors, nurses, support staff and patients but will also enable these help centers to implement guidelines issued by DRAP and WHO. Additionally, disinfection and sanitization services along with air quality improvement initiatives are also in placeat these health centers and protocols have been established to ensure strict compliance with these guidelines.

Many healthcare professionals and practitioners have appreciated the Corona Combat Clinic initiative for the safety and sanitization of front-line medical heroes:

“Highnoon is among the pioneers in considering safety of doctors on priority. This clinic disinfection along with providing protective equipment is really commendable”, remarkeda senior consultant Neurophysician practicing in Rawalpindi. Another senior Cardiologist praised this noble effort and commented,

In this pandemic of Covid19, I appreciate the efforts of Highnoon for being on the frontline for the safety of doctors and patients”.The National Institute of Cardiovascular diseases (NICVD) Karachi has also appreciated Highnoon’sefforts for “generous spray services.

Chairman Highnoon, Tausif Khan commented,“Highnoon is making efforts to ensure that patients seeking healthcare are provided the healthcare they need. Patients are unable to get the medical attention they urgently need because of the lockdowns and also the fact that patients are avoiding visits to the doctors out of fear of catching Coronavirus. Medical intervention should not be delayed under any circumstances. Through Corona Combat Clinic initiative, online services have also been rolled out to encourage patients to seek medical advice at home if they desire.”

CEO Highnoon, Dr Adeel Abbas said, “Highnoon group has a proven track record of fulfilling a promisei.e. to act as a responsible corporate entity whose focus has always been to give back to the society which is also in line with our Chairman’s vision who has a long history of philanthropic contributions.”Highnoon as part of its continuousCSR efforts, supports Pakistan Red Crescent Society, thalassemia societies likeFatmid foundation, Sundus foundation and other NGOs.

“Safety and well-beingare of utmost importance to us and we will continue to support our frontline warriors against covid19. We are 100 percent committed to our promise of contributing to a healthier nation for a prosperous Pakistan”, he further added.

About Highnoon Group:

Highnoon Laboratories Ltd(PSX:HINOON) along with Route2HealthPvt. Ltd and Curexa Health Private Ltd is amongst the fastest growing pharmaceutical groupsin Pakistan.Highnoon provides pharmaceutical products to all major therapeutic segments including but not limited to cardiometabolic, respiratory, pediatrics, urology, surgery and obstetrics &gynecology with some of the leading brands such asCombivair, Tagipmet, Kestine, Cyrocin and Ulsanic.

Highnoon has been serving the nation since 1984. Right from its inception, alliance with some of the best-known research houses of the global pharmaceutical industry were forged to introduce new and advance treatment options.Highnoon’s success is the unshakeable consumer confidence built on quality of its products manufactured in its ISO 9001:2008 approved facility.

Curexa Health Private Ltd:

Curexa Health Ltd is a subsidiary of Highnoon Laboratories Ltd and specializes inantibiotics, primarily cephalosporins. Itsdedicated, state of the art, cGMP manufacturing facility is capable to produce sterile powder for injections, powder for oral suspensions and capsules for the local and export markets. The broad spectral nature of cephalosporins allows Curexa to be present across diverse therapeutic and disease segments.


Route 2 Health is a privately held company based in UAE with marketing and sales operations in various Asian countriesandrepresentation in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Canada. Route 2 Health has also partnered with leading local distributors for other markets.For thousands of years, mankind has utilized nature’s healing properties. Route 2 Health has put together a unique team of doctors, pharmacists, and naturopaths working to merge ancient remedies with modern medicine, and pharmaceutical science.

Using only the highest quality ingredients, Route 2 Health yields cutting edge products that are safe, effective and validated. Over the years it has garnered extensive expertise in pharmaceutical science with natural healing practices to manufacture and market plant-based solutions. Its finest offering are the premium supplements which combine vitamins and patented plant nutrients to effectively prevent and treat diseases.


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