Unicode has officially announced Unicode standard 10 with emoji updates yesterday, adding up about 8 thousand novel characters to an entire character bank of 136,690 characters.

Earlier this year in March, a beta version of the release was available; it is just now that the update has been made available to the public. With this new update, all the OS manufacturers who follow the Unicode Consortium will be capable of slipping in the script changes and updates to their impending software updates.

Apple, which is going to press on iOS 11 update down this year, is also anticipated to insert these emoji into the update.

8,518 new characters will be introduced by Unicode 10, which will bring the total Unicode to 136,690 characters. 4 new scripts have also been added, making up to the full amount of 139. As mentioned above, 56 new emoji, 183 with the gender and skin shade variations have also been added. The emoji further consist of 9 new smileys, characters for new-fangled animals and food. Some fantasy characters have also been incorporated.

There is a new hijabi emoji and a character for Bitcoin as well.

It is important to be noted that it may take some time prior to the public finally spot and use of these emoji. At this moment, the update has just been officiated by Unicode. Gradually different platforms will start to append these characters in their script, as per their particular schedule. By now Twitter has added support for these innovative characters with its beta update of Unicode 10 last month.

Unicode Consortium is a worldwide organization that is operating to regulate the communication script as used by different up to date software including different browsers and operating systems. Many prominent tech companies of yesterday, including Facebook, Apple, and Google form an ingredient of this consortium.


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