Honda Increases Prices Of Its Cars …. Again!

Honda Increases Prices Of Its Cars

The automakers have been scrambling to get their show on the road by and by, in the wake of seeing a concise rest underway and deals due to COVID-19, and a gigantic droop in incomes therefore, however Honda Atlas vehicles appears to have gone into a condition of absolute frenzy. 

In the most recent, rather sad, advancement, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan have quite recently proceeded to build the costs of their vehicles for the third time inside only a half year. Additionally, these value knocks are not slight using any and all means what so ever. 

The value knocks go from Rs. 60,000 to a monstrous Rs. 100,000, bringing their least evaluated vehicle (Honda City 1.3 manual) to be Rs. 2,499,000 and their most costly vehicle (Civic Turbo RS) to 4,699,000, which puts it there with the new, mid-level Kia Sportage variation.

CarsOld Price (PKR)Revised Price (PKR)Increase (PKR)
Civic Turbo RS4,599,0004,699,000100,000
Civic Turbo Oriel4,349,0004,449,000100,000
1.8 VT SR CVT Automatic3,899,0003,979,00080,000
1.8 VTI CVT Automatic3,649,0003,729,00080,000
City 1.3 Manual2,389,0002,449,00060,000
City 1.3 Automatic2,574,0002,639,00065,000
City 1.5 Manual2,459,0002,529,00070,000
City 1.5 Automatic2,629,0002,699,00070,000
City Aspire 1.5 Manual2629,0002,699,00070,000
City Aspire 1.5 Automatic2,789,0002,859,00070,000
BR-V Manual3,079,0003,159,00080,000
BR-V CVT Automatic3,239,0003,319,00080,000
BR-V S CVT Automatic3,399,0003,479,00080,000

With the consumption of the neighborhood cash, it is reasonable if an automaker needs to roll out certain improvements in their advertising methodology or in any event, estimating so far as that is concerned. The issue with Honda Atlas and other prevailing automakers of Pakistan is that they continue raising the cost, without a solitary improvement in the item range or quality. 

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The remainder of the world is going to get the seventh gen City and we are as yet 2 ages behind on that vehicle following 10 years, with its cost going from well under 2 million Rupees to now practically 2.5 million Rupees which is baseless for a vehicle that is presently a historical center piece. 

This strategy isn’t at all going to help Honda get more deals. Let us trust they wake up once they understand their wild estimating technique.


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