Honda To Debut Ten New Electric Bikes in 2025

Honda To Debut Ten New Electric Bikes in 2025

Honda is planning to introduce 10 or more electric Bikes in 2025. The company announced the news in a presentation on its business plan for motorcycles.

The company hopes to introduce the bikes across China, Asia, Europe as well as Japan. The range of products includes electric bicycles and scooters as well as commuter bikes bicycles for street use, crossover bikes as well as cruiser bikes.

Honda has separated the bikes into three categories:they are Electric Bicycles (EB), Electric Mopeds (EM), and Electric Vehicles (EV). It is the EB class is defined by a car with an average speed of less than 25 km/h. EM is a vehicle with an average speed of less than 50 km/h while an EV is the vehicle that has an average speed of more than 50 km/h.

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The presentation also highlighted that EVs will be introduced across Japan, Europe, and the US The EMs will be released in all markets , excluding Japan, Europe, and Asia. The company is planning to unveil 7 mopeds, 3 big bikes, and a small-sized trail bike designed for children. However, it hasn’t provided any information about its new products or prices.

Honda in Pakistan

Atlas Honda has been in Pakistan for many years and is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan in terms of production and sales volume. The company is still selling museum pieces that are bare until today.

Atlas Honda has been announcing numerous price increases all while boasting that the manufacturing of its bikes is 90 percent localized. However, demand for their bikes remains high due to the lack of choices for customers.


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