HongMeng OS likely to affect Android’s dominance

HongMeng OS likely to affect Android’s dominance
HongMeng OS likely to affect Android’s dominance

Not too much is known about the HongMeng OS except for the rumors and speculation that Huawei is looking to adopt the OS in light of recent events which led to Google stripping the company of its Android operating system. And so there has been a lot of talk with regards to Huawei and its alleged upcoming OS – with the latest talk coming from Strategy Analytics. In accordance to their views, Huawei’s latest efforts in HongMeng OS will have a negative affect on the present dominance that Android has over the whole smartphone world – especially, in China.

iOS is also a dominant aspect of the smartphone world, and while there has been news of slight dips in this year, many expect that it will be stable in 2020. Coming back to Huawei though, the views that experts have over the HongMeng OS are intriguing to say the least. There was always that feeling that it would take something big to destabilize Android, and it seems that HongMeng OS just might be that.


Not only is the situation intriguing, but it also adds a bit of spice and anticipation – what does the future hold for Android? It has always been the case where many have said that an alternative to Android would be pointless – however, now, it won’t be just talk, as we will actually be seeing a challenge for Google and its operating system. In recent times, one would have to imagine that this is one of the more interesting developments that we have seen in the mobile world.

Following a more pragmatic approach though, the chances of HongMeng OS harming both the profitability and dominance of Android are not at all that high. The possibility still exists though and the market could be in for a shake up. As for now though, we’ll still have to wait until the HDC 2019 in order to find more about the HongMeng OS.


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