The Honor 8C is set to be the latest phone in Honors category of affordable phones. The company has surprisingly given us the specifications regarding the phone ahead of its official launch event.  According to the specifications Honor 8C is set to be the first phone offering you Snapdragon 632 processor. The chipset is the newest version leaving behind Snapdragon 625 and 626

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 632 is a little different from the previous processors. It offers you eight semi-custom Kryo 250 cores which consist of four efficiency cores and four heavyweight cores. The new processor also offers you support for Qualcom’s AL tools and although it doesn’t have a Al silicon it still seems to be pretty powerful.

With the addition of 4GB RAM and 32GB/64GB of expandable storage means you have gotten yourself a pretty good deal considering it is an Honor C series phone but that’s not all the phone also has other introductory features. For a start it has 4000mAH battery, a 13megapixels camera with a 2megapixel rear camera pairing feature and of course a 8megapixels front camera for the selfie fanatics out there. Others features include a 6.26 inch screen with a notch, a 720p display, a rear fingerprint scanner, 3.5mm headphone jack, micro USB(although could have advanced to type C) connectivity, EMUI 8.2 and comes packed with Android 8.1(Oreo) software.

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It seems that the pricing is yet to be announced but considering the fact that the previous model the Honor 7C launched at a price of $130 we can forecast the price to lie in a similar range after all it is Series C phone which are likely to save you a lot of money. With many excited with the news of Snapdragon 632 being introduced Honor will be looking to gain as much profit as possible and people cannot wait for it to be launched. The phone is set to be released in the market on October 11, which would indeed make it the first phone ever to pack a 632 snapdragon processor unless of course another company doesn’t beat them to the market first but all in all it seems to be a great prospect for the low-budget consumer.


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