Huawei has taken great pride in the success of its HONOR line-up, which has become one of the most successful sub-brands out there. The HONOR 9X is just adding to what HONOR has already achieved. It’s a phone which will appeal to most people with its competitive pricing and the specs makes it more of an all-rounder than any other phone in that range.


Starting with what you see first, and that is the device itself. The rear panel is shiny shimmering glass which unfortunately is a fingerprint magnet no matter how beautiful it looks without them. Huawei has started doing fancy things with the glass by manipulating light in ways to make crazy patterns on the back of the device. The Sapphire blue and Midnight black colors are the options available. Despite all these design cues, the phone is not slippering and gives a firm feel in the hand, being necessary for the devices nowadays. 

E:\Honor 9X Unboxing\Images\IMG_20200203_171536.jpg

On the bottom is TYPE-C USB port, speaker grills and 3.5mm jack. On the top is the SIM slot along with surprise, surprise! a popup camera so that the front of the device is all display.

E:\Honor 9X Unboxing\Images\IMG_20200203_171602.jpg

 The fingerprint scanner would be found behind and an impressive 91 percent display ratio compared to the body is achieved with slim bezels however the chin still seems like a distraction. The smartphone features a tall 6.59-inch Full View Display with dynamic range enhancer. It claims to come with a blue light filter that reduces harmful blue light radiation emitted to prevent eye fatigue.

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E:\Honor 9X Unboxing\Images\IMG_20200203_171621.jpg


There is no surprise seeing a KIRIN 710F custom processor in a Huawei device. At flagship levels, it has made quite the rounds around the snapdragon processor but in the mid-tier category it seems like its not that smooth. Although, daily tasks and gaming would run smooth with no or minimal lag so Honor has got you covered over there.


This coupled with 4GB and 6GB RAM, and 128GB of storage means that this is the ideal mid-tier phone. Honor also claims to have improved device’s gaming capabilities with GPU Turbo 3.0 technology. This supports 25 global games including some popular titles like PUBG, ASPHALT 9, NBA 2K19, Mobile Legends, Fortnite, FIFA Mobile and Modern Combat 5.

Unfortunately, you will be getting Android 9.0 PIE with the EMUI 9.0. Huawei has been slow in covering software updates and that seems the case with this device as well. Along with that, it hasn’t improved much the EMUI so I guess it will still remain a love hate relationship with the software.


The battery is 4000MAH, and supports 10W charging that means it would be comparing with the lightning quick flagship charge times but it does well on its own. With software optimizations and a general medium use, you will be getting through the day quite easily. Unfortunately, anything over that and you would be looking for your charging cable. 


Camera seems to be the selling point of phones these days and the HONOR 9X is no different. A triple sensor array at the back and the previously mentioned popup camera are the main attraction here. Obviously, there is a 48MP sensor,  an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. We have been saying this for a while that no matter how many megapixels you offer, the real difference is made by image processing – something that reflects on Honor 9X. 

Honor 9x Review

Huawei has been shy to include AI features and although most of the times it does a bit much with the image processing all in all it provide better than average results though you wouldn’t be blown away by that.

E:\Honor 9X Unboxing\Honor 9X Pics and Video Result\48MP.jpg

48MP Auto

E:\Honor 9X Unboxing\Honor 9X Pics and Video Result\12 MP with AI.jpg

12MP wit AI

E:\Honor 9X Unboxing\Honor 9X Pics and Video Result\8MP Potrait.jpg

8MP Portrait Mode

E:\Honor 9X Unboxing\Honor 9X Pics and Video Result\8MP Aperture Mode.jpg

8MP Aperture Mode

Honor 9x Review
Honor 9x Review: Jack Of All Trades

8MP Aperture Mode

Honor 9x Review
Honor 9x Review: Jack Of All Trades

Night Mode 8MP

The front camera has its perks with better image quality. Post processing seems to be doing a good job at making the selfies look good. additionally, the camera has fall detection that means it closes instantly if dropped. This might be a very helpful tool to prevent excessive damage to camera upon falls.

Honor 9x Review
Honor 9x Review: Jack Of All Trades

16MP Front Camera Selfie with AI Mode


The phone comes at a very reasonable price of  Rs.38999/- and the specs that it provides with the customer satisfaction of Honor, it might not be a bad phone to choose and its performance and camera seem to be the star of the show here.


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