Honor MagicOS 7.0 Release Schedule & Eligible Devices

Honor MagicOS 7.0 Release Schedule & Eligible Devices
Honor MagicOS 7.0 Release Schedule & Eligible Devices

The MagicOS 7.0 update is also coming to Honor devices in China. Devices for China are listed here, while global rollout schedules and lists will be shared soon.

During the launch of the Honor 80 series and foldable Magic Vs, Honor announced MagicOS 7.0. Animations and icons are flat. UI uses a new font called Honor Sans. A list of participating devices is also included. The software’s highlights will be discussed first.

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The home screen now shows larger folders. Widgets allow you to customize your experience. Honor also offers a video editor. The Honor OS TurboX offers faster app launches and optimized power consumption. MagicGuard offers malware protection, system security, privacy, and financial security.

You can easily send files, manage clipboards, manage messages, and answer calls with Honor MagicRing. Honor Magic Text allows users to scan images and save text as PDF.

China will have a few devices running MagicOS 7.0. A list of Chinese devices and a global rollout schedule will be shared soon.

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Honor MagicOS 7.0 eligible devices and rollout schedule:

December 2022

  • Honor Magic V
  • Honor Magic3 Ultimate Edition
  • Honor Magic3 Pro
  • Honor Magic3
  • Honor V40

January 2023

  • Honor Magic4 Supreme Edition
  • Honor Magic4 Pro
  • Honor Magic4

February 2023

  • Honor 70 Pro+
  • Honor 70 Pro
  • Honor 70

March 2023

  • Honor 60 Pro
  • Honor 60
  • Honor 50 Pro
  • Honor 50

April 2023

  • Honor X40 GT

May 2023

  • Honor V40 Light Luxury Edition
  • Honor X40
  • Honor X30


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